Hi there!

The real ones call me Laur, founder, and owner of Laurcuterie, LLC. Circa 2019, my love for charcuterie and cheeses was born. Since then, I’ve been sharing food art with friends, family, and many more across Central Pennsylvania.

My services range from small to-go boxes to large events like weddings, corporate lunches, and more with custom item selection and design available. My full-time gig is still something I’m passionate about and curating charcuterie masterpieces. This would explain why I’m also currently enrolled in graduate-level classes to graduate in August 2023 with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management!

Both interests serve joy in my life and I’m eager to see what the future has in store for both journeys. When I’m not working, you’ll either find me being a social butterfly at a local brewery or home with my boyfriend and friends for a game night. Follow me on my social media accounts to see my latest creation or send me an order request to get started on your exclusive Laurcuterie experience for your next special occasion!